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  • richcity ·
    Quite a mod list going on here, never seen a Chrysler minivan with so many mods in my life lol

    Should I start modding my odyssey (even though I plan on getting rid of it?)
    vannut ·
    My 2007 SXT has 182000KM on it planning to keep it ,have the trany pan off and new filter every 80000 km , fingers crossed should run 250000km + , this is my 5th van if you look after them should be able to keep them a long time
    Unfortunatly the paint jod had no fault for not doing something earlier...unusual situation having it painted from start to finish...and time became a PITA...but have to say it sucks as the paint job was an expense didnt expect to have to do again so soon.
    Miron ·
    by the way, I did not get an email regarding your message... I just saw the notification on the website...
    Miron ·
    Thank you, I thought so... I don't use the headlights too much anyway... I prefer my fog lights ;)
    Miron ·
    Hello, did you see any headlights at that junkyard? You did not answer anything when I asked you before your visit...

    thanks, Miron
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