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  • jbade ·
    first, thank you for being part of the forum and helping Chrysler owners. hope you can help with a p/n. i'd like to replace the shell of my 2014 t&c touring-L. I can provide VIN if necessary. am having a devil of a time finding info on the web. thought i'd pull mirror glass and look inside, but can't find a procedure for removing the glass so don't want to make my issue bigger in scope. It does have a chrome outer and the turn signal is mounted in it (this is what is hanging out due to a cracked shell).
    do I need to visit dealer or can you help?
    also, how do I determine if this vehicle has been checked for recalls/tsb's? I bought it used.
    thanks from PA.
    dkf747 ·
    I went to a dealer and asked about the PCM flash mentioned here The service writer wanted to know what isaue, so I showed her the thread linked above and which specific issue using my phone browser.r. SHe wrote the issue down, but did not tell the tech the TSB number (MY 15 TSB 18-017-15A) and that I wanted the PCM flash due to harsh shifting. Of course, the tech did not find any codes so he did nothing. I'm dissatisfied since I specifically asked for the PCM flash due to shifting issues. What can I do to get it flashed? I believe it needs it. I thought a different PCM flash they did a few months ago, but a recent long distance trip revealed that the problem with harsh shifting is still there. The thing is, most of the time it shifts fine, but there are moments when it gets confused. It shudders when backing in to driveway that is inclined.
    Terry r ·
    hi i have a 13 t&c with problems
    1 speed control
    2 engine problems
    3 steering problems
    the steering problem is currently the problem that seems to be the most bothersome
    i have had the van at 4 different dealerships and 4 firestone shops could not find a problem realign, tires
    i took the van to a front end shop which also does frame work
    they discovered the sub frame assembly was not installed correctly from factory
    the wheelbase was longer on one side than the other by half an inch
    problem solved so we thought after a routine test drive he declared success
    when i heard that the issue with sub frame was resolved i was relieved that finally the
    problem was found and rectified until i took the van on a highway
    and the problem was still there steering wheel to the left veer noticeably to the right
    a count of 2 and pulls dramatically to the right the dealer suggests a count of 7 would be acceptable
    any thoughts
    Terry r
    shuswap ·
    I'm wondering if someone could help me with respect to my new-to-me 2005 Grand Caravan's VIN number: 1d4gp24r45b250208 ?

    Any help is much appreciated!
    felix cool cat ·
    hey Im having a lot of trouble 2004 pacifica. we replaced the head on it and it was running with a misfire. after making sure all the injectors were fine, we moved on to checking the spark plugs. we conected the tester, which goes from the installed plug into the coil, and cranked it. there was one click, since then when you turn the key, you can hear the relays activating but nothing else, no crank, no immobilizer message. we do have a code for the ASD relay po688. we checked all the grounds and have already installed one directly from the battery to the engine block. manually activated the starter relay and the circuit is fine.
    bams50 ·

    Just read about your assistance of others, and wondered if you could help me decode the VIN on my new-to-me van. We love this thing, and I am wanting to learn all I can about it!

    Any info you could provide would be much appreciated!

    2004 Chrysler T&C Limited
    VIN: 2C8GT64L54R572804

    Many thanks,
    Bob Andrews
    GdCvn98AWD ·
    where to refill/replace fluids related to transmission specifically on 1998 Gd Caravan AWD.

    I really need a simple bullet list of all the fluid reservoirs which are related to the transmission, and reachable, for refilling/changing fluid for my specific vehicle:
    1998 Grand Caravan All Wheel Drive.
    I have tried to ask this in a thread, but did not get the specific answer needed, and the fluid change is long overdue and getting urgent.
    I need this info to do a DIY xmission fluid service, or to evaluate how knowledgeable a service tech is, before I trust my car to their shop.
    Your answer will be greatly appreciated!
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