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  • eslicer ·

    The AC on my 2006 T&C Touring wasn't blowing cold last week so I took it in for a check.

    The Local Napa franchise hooked it up to a Robinnaire(sp) machine to check and charge.

    I was down to .6lbs of Freon and the machine detected "no Leaks". It then proceeded to Charge the system with approx. 1.8 lbs of Freon. They then charged me $109

    A/C worked perfectly for 24 hours.
    Now it is back to no cold air.

    Napa garage said there must be a pretty big leak for it to be bad again. And that this yr of the T&C was notorious for A/C problems. Several Questions come to mind.

    1. are they right about the big leak, even after the machine said no leaks and charged it?
    2. Was this model yr bad for A/C problems.
    3. any thoughts on what I can do at this point to try and save me some money.


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