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  • Active8 ·
    Hi gsmagnum
    How are you?
    Regarding the "Rear Hatch Opener" thread thank you, for your thanks regarding the pictures. :cool:
    Although I was wondering about one thing which is when they were there, and went, and then came back again.
    What happens in a situation like this is it my fault for using the pics, and the link.
    Is it a copyright issue or something else?
    I had wondered about the size when they went on, as they were, and still are big, so sorry about the size.
    I see the post after the pics has been removed as it's now irrelevant, although I am still left wondering what the issue was, and if we use pictures like that what size do they have to be?

    Thanks Active8

    P.S. It's an excellent forum very useful with great members, and mods.
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