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  • derumeaux ·

    I saw on of your posts that your lease is almost over. Do you have accessoiries that you add on your TC that you are willing to sell? I have no idea what you have but if it is interesting I could be a buyer.


    Gumby ·
    Hi Bruce,

    Yes I did update both the Mygig and the Gracenotes. I had to take a double take at the version number on the MYgig update (from 9.807 to 1.22...didn't make much sense to me). But everything went fine.

    I too didn't notice anything special on the Mygig updates (could all be behind the scenes stuff) but I always like to update to the most recent due to upgrades and features etc.

    I will try and poke around and see what I can find...

    Talk to you later,
    BLingley ·
    Hey Gumby,

    Did you ever install the latest MyGig (V1.22) & Gracenotes (V1287) updates? I did both and have had no problems at all, phones paired up fine and nav is working properly. The only complaint I have is that no-one seems to know just what was upgraded in the MyGig update. Have you heard anything? I can't seem to find anything on here.


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