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  • ianitrix ·
    What kewl, about this rust check where could i get myself a can and also about the fittings how do i find out where on the van they are hehe.

    thanks for the help
    Jeepman ·
    They list for just under $5.00. I get them for "trade price", ie what they would sell to a repair shop or employee for. The Canadian Tire Filters will work fine for regular oil changes, but you might be better off price wise going to your Dealer.
    Just changed the oil in my Jeep today at 7550 kms, using Quaker State 10W-30 and a Mopar filter. The previous oil was Pennzoil 5W-30 with a Wix Premium filter. I greased all 7 fittings and sprayed Rust Check anywhere I saw corrosion or potential corrosion in the front end area, including the engine bay.
    ianitrix ·
    Wow the dealership ones are that cheap?? I problaby get my discount on top of that. I bought 3 of the made in the USA CT filters , should I return them and purchase the dealer ones?

    thank you sir
    Jeepman ·
    Up until recently, the CTC filters were made by Fram and were a basic filter, nothing special, probably equivalent to the Fram PH16, Wix Standard, Mopar, Ford FL-1A, etc with nitrile, instead of silicone anti drainback valves, an ordinary cellulose filter media, and multi pass efficiency around 95% (better filters are 99%). The Fram CPH Wearguard series, CTC carries, may be a special CTC edition, don't know.
    As for Chinese filters, I would avoid until I knew more about them.
    My preference is the Fram Tough Guard, available at Wal Mart or, if going for a standard, entry level filter, the Mopar 3.5" x 3.5" filter made by Wix ($2.79 my price at the Dealership)
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