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  • reble ·
    Re, the quote below. My email address is [email protected]

    "In the mean time I can send you the relative diagrams if you give me an email address to send them to. Use a private message."

    GrandCaravan1999 ·
    Remember that post about my friends minivan problem? Yes he posted a corny and I would like you to check it out (van starts then dies is the topic and in third generation catagory
    imickey503 ·
    This dude knows his stuff. Chances are if he answers your question, well. He answered your question. And it's the right answers.

    I highly recommend his advice and his troubleshooting skills.

    Thanks for all your help and wonderful advise.
    shipo ·
    I'm not too far from Portsmouth and worked up there between 2005 and 2007; I used to run in the area between the airport and the Pease Golf Course situated immediately long the southwestern edge of the runway (this would piss off the golf course workers something awful). Unfortunately by that time the gate keeper aircraft were gone and I have no knowledge of where they went. FWIW, I would loved to have been able to spend some time fondling the B-29 and the B-47; they're two of my favorite large bombers.

    As for PA, nope, I was born in the Detroit area. Regarding my beard, a year or so after that picture was taken (I'm thinking circa 2007), I was walking across the parking lot of a middle school to watch my son play soccer, and there were two kids running across the lot in the other direction. When they saw me they slid to a stop and, almost in harmony, they asked, "Are you Santa Clause?" Yeesh, a week later my wife told me I was too young to be looking so gray; off went the beard.
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