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  • rlervin ·
    Ok, so I'm new here. I have a 98 T&C with some electrical issues. I don't know if this is where I am supposed to post but it is the only place I can find. I have been checking on your forums and I believe I may have already found one problem with this thing. The instrument panel just quits working. From what I have read already there is a problem with the solder joints on the back of the I/P. That repair shoud also take care of the code P1698 that I have going on also. My other question is with the wiper blades. They run all the time when you turn them on. Can this be caused by the solder joints on the back of the I/P also? or do I have something else going on. There is no intermittant wipers. They are either on or off. The problem is they will not go off. You can cut the ign. switch off and they will park, but if you turn the switch back on they are running again. The only way to get them to stay off is to either pull the fuse or the on-relay. Which way do I need to go on this thing.
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