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  1. 4th Generation Chrysler Minivans: 2001-2007
    Difficult to describe. Driving along and there is a VERY fast hesitation, almost like the wheels are partially locked for a thousandth of a second. Very noticeable, feels like you are being bumped forward and then it is gone. Usually it is just one time, once it happened 3 or 4 times in quick...
  2. 3rd Generation Chrysler Minivans: 1996-2000
    Greetings all. New to the forum, hoping someone has had this problem before. 1999 T&C Lxi w/3.8L At apparently random times, while driving the van, we will hit a bump and the door locks will click down, the dome light will flash and the door chime will sound. It may be related to moisture as...
  3. 4th Generation Chrysler Minivans: 2001-2007
    2003 T&C LXi FWD 77,000 miles Starting having a "bump" in the transmission when downshifting. It only happens when slowing down, as the speedometer gets just below 30mph. I tried shifting into neutral (to eliminate brake issue) as I was slowing down and there was no "bump" as I passed 30mph...
1-3 of 3 Results