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  1. Clunking/double thump on upshift on 2013

    5th. Generation Chrysler Minivans: 2008-2019
    I bought at 2013 T&C with 20k miles on it for the wife. When shifting, especially in the lower gears, it will shift with a clunk/double thump on the upshifts. It is hard enough to shake the van sometimes. It is definitely worse in the Econ mode, but does it when not in the mode. Sometimes it...
  2. Left front wheel "clunking" after axle replacement

    4th. Generation Chrysler Minivans: 2001-2007
    Hello, I just had the driver side axle replaced on my '01 Voyager. After it was replaced, I noticed that when I took it for a test drive, it started to make a clunking sound when ever I would make a turn while driving it. Now whenever I back up out of my driveway, I would hear a loud...