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  1. 3.3L V6 Tech Talk
    I have 77,000 miles on my 2002 T&C Lx, 3.3 Litter. Great compression, new plugs, wires, air filter, and cleaned the fuel injectors. I can not get any better than 20 mpg highway. My 2002 T&C got about 24 mpg. Any ideas on what to check next?
  2. 2nd Generation Chrysler Minivans: 1991-1995
    My van used to average about 22-23 mpg on the highway in the past using standard Castrol 10w40. Last fall I started running Castrol 10w40 Syntec Blend, and on a recent trip from NYC to Syracuse I ended up getting 25 mpg. Now most recently (400 miles ago) I'm running with Castrol 10w40 Syntec...
1-2 of 2 Results