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  1. 3rd Generation Chrysler Minivans: 1996-2000
    Many times, when I unlock the door with the key, then turn the key in the ignition, the security alarm goes off. If I get out and "unlock" the door again, though it's already unlocked, the alarm quits. This is happening more and more; three times in a row today. Where to start looking? I've...
  2. 3rd Generation Chrysler Minivans: 1996-2000
    A scan of error codes on my 1996 Grand Caravan 3.8L shows "lift door zone switch defective". A google search and rockauto search for "lift door zone switch" turn up nothing. What/where is it? Or maybe this refers to a software glitch in the BCM?
  3. 4th Generation Chrysler Minivans: 2001-2007
    We recently bought this 05 T&C with electric sliding doors and electric rear gate. The doors all work fine with the push button controls. HOWEVER, the rear gate will not open with the rear door handle. It opens fine with the key or with the electric button (console button or button on the...
1-3 of 3 Results