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  1. 2014 Town & Country Radio

    I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with their radio before and what did you do to resolve it. It has completely gone out in my van. I've checked all the fuses and unplugged the wiring harnesses and plugged them back in. The radio does receive power because the buttons light up, but no...
  2. dashcam recommendatoins requested

    Anyone have a dashcam setup on their Town and Country or Grand Caravan? (specifically 2014 T&C) Looking for recommendations, and wiring suggestions. Thanks.
  3. No video output from VES to aftermarket head unit.

    Hi all! Had a Pioneer 4200NEX installed in my 2013 T&C. I got it fitted with an idatalink maestro RR and the AVCH1. However, it seems like only half of the AVCH1 is working. I can send video from, say, a DVD playing on the Pioneer to the VES, but I cannot see a DVD playing from the VES on the...
  4. 2010 T&C: DVD/VES IR Emitter location?

    5th. Generation Chrysler Minivans: 2008-2019
    Hi! We just bought a used 2010 T&C Touring edition, and are really enjoying the upgrade from our old van. It is loaded with a pretty nice set of features, and surprisingly almost all of them work. The one that is most annoying on a daily basis is the driver mirror motor is nonresponsive, but...
  5. HELP want audio while video playing in the back with headphones

    5th. Generation Chrysler Minivans: 2008-2019
    I have a 2013 Town and Country with the 430 RBZ radio. I would really like to be able to have a video playing in the back with headphones and the audio such as the radio out of the main speakers (It plays the video through the main speakers). I read on someone else's post to push the headphone...
  6. 2005 dvd player in 2001 caravan problem

    My 2001 Factory DVD player stopped working and I bought one out of a 2005. The problem is Dodge/Chrysler changed the dang connectors between those years. SO now I have a DVD player that wont plug up without an adapter harness. Anyone know of such a harness or a company that may produce one? OR...
  7. Front End Noise - Give it a listen

    4th. Generation Chrysler Minivans: 2001-2007
    Linked is an audio clip from my 2003 Caravan with 154,000 km on the odometer. Front end noise has gotten louder over the last few weeks. Starts at speeds over 30 km/hr. Tires, calipers, pads, rotors and stabilizer bushings are good. Rotating tires makes no difference. It could be a bearing...