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02 3.8 caravan Misfire

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Hello all! Just wanted to hear some opinions on a problem with my van. Its a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan ES with the big 3.8 v6. Had the van since new and it only has 59k miles on it, its been great and I love it! :thumb: However its run into some problems recently, I have a scanner and pulled 2 codes
P0135: 02 heater circuit (bank 1, Sensor 1)
The original sensor is on the van right now, would putting a new sensor on solve this problem? Also to note I get pretty low gas mileage and I keep up on maintenance such as air filter, cleaning throttle body, tune up etc..

P0306: Cylinder 6 Misfire detected
The van got new plugs and wires last summer, it is not a horrible misfire like its not bucking all over like a mechanical bull haha but if I put my hand by the tailpipe, the exhaust comes out a little uneven so something is up. I pulled the plug on cyl 6 and it looks to be ok, today I moved the plug from #6 to a different cyl to see if the code pops up again but on a different cyl this time. Any ideas what commonly causes misfires on these engines?

Hopefully I can get this all figured out soon because it has to pass NY state emissions inspection in a month. Safety is all good, I just replaced front brake pads and rotors and the tires have tread on them, oil changed etc I take good care of it! All the best - Anthony
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Good move. Wisdom here is ONLY to use the Champion Double Platinum (as fitted OE).

Mine started misfiring at about 60 K miles also, seemed that the gaps were twice as wide as they should have been...

PS: just as a preventative thing, I'd check that wiring harness under the power steering reservoir...
yes the wiring harness which I got a nice look at when I changed the coil looked to be in fairly decent shape, not burnt or melted through thankfully!
You DID remove the outer sheath to check the wires inside, I hope. :Wow1: The damage is not readily apparent from the outside. That is why many owners (and pro mechanics) miss suspecting harness damage ass a cause of their maladies.
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