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05 Town Country - Fuel leak inside intake manifold

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Okay, I've scoured the internet for a solution to my problem but can't find a single similar case..

I have a 3.8 L 05 T&C Limited. A few weeks ago I noticed a fuel smell while driving, and after looking for the source, discovered my lower and upper intake manifold covered with gas on the inside. It even made its way into the PCV hose. I discovered no external leaks at all, and the smell only occurs while I'm driving.

I replaced the o ring seals on the injectors, but that hasn't fixed anything. Also, my model has the fuel pressure regulator in the tank with the fuel pump, not on the fuel rail.

My thoughts on possible causes:
-Vacuum leak, possibly at the intake manifold gasket.
-bad fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator.

Other than those, I don't know what could cause fuel to seep all the way against gravity into the upper intake manifold. I have no other symptoms besides the fuel smell and my OBDII scanner detects no codes.

Would greatly appreciate any help or advice.
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I have a catch can on my GTO, and the oil that condenses out in it looks like regular oil. That looks like a milkshake, which means you have coolant in your oil.
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