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Regarding spark plug wire testing and inspection:
  • Disconnect each spark plug wire from both the coil and the spark plug and use your multimeter to check the resistance on each wire
  • The 05 DGCV Service manual includes this table that specifies the maximum spark plug wire resistance per wire:
  • Since a crack in the wire's insulation or oil on the wires or boot can cause an arc and a misfire.
    • I recommend replacing all of the plugs and all of the spark plug wires as the first step in diagnosing the issue
      • I replaced my 05 DGCV's 3.3L's spark plug wires at 174.3K, my replacements were the ACDelco 9466I (Rock Auto, $27.79)... no issues to date at ~232K, (RockAuto no longer lists these plug wires for the 05 3.3L, but the ACDelco site does list them as compatible)
    • Or visually inspect and clean each wire
    • Remove all traces of oil near the plugs and replace the valve cover gaskets if there is oil at the base of the plugs
    • Route the plug wires by using the factory wire separators to maintain the spacing between wires and other metal surfaces
Regarding coil replacement:
  • Replacing the coil is a good move if you have replaced all the spark plugs and spark plug wires and still have a misfire issue
  • The factory coils are amazingly durable considering the location of the coil on top of the engine w/ all the engine heat that they are subject to
  • I replaced my 05 DGCV's 3.3L's coil at 174.3K, my replacement was the Standard STD-UF305 (Rock Auto, $39.79), no issues to date at ~232K
Regarding plug misfire code(s) (e.g.: P0301 - P0306):
  • The last digit in the code (1-6) identifies (approximately) the cylinder where the misfire occurred
  • Start the wire inspection by inspecting the wire for that cylinder and then move on to the 2 adjacent cylinders and then all the remaining cylinders
  • Adjacent cylinders are the cylinders directly before it in the firing order & then the one directly after it in the firing order.
  • Refer to the attached firing order and cylinder numbering picture for the 3.3L and the 3.8L:
    • Note: the firing order is 1–2–3–4–5–6
    • Note: the cylinder numbering is:
      • Left/front side = 2, 4, 6
      • Right/rear side = 1, 3, 5
    • 2005.DGCV.SvcMan.CylLocation.FiringOrder.JPG
  • Search the ChryslerMinivan forum w/ the search terms = 'misfire' , 'P0301', 'P0302'... 'P0306'. There are lots of informative misfire threads.
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