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(07 T&C) ABS Hydraulic Pump Motor Circuit Failure

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Bought the van used 12 months ago and had the ABS light on, just recently got the code scanned and it's a bad left front sensor along with the above code. Checked the wiring underneath the fusebox and the wire's not corroded like many others', though I noticed the trim above my LF wheel is dented a fair bit so I'm guessing the previous driver had a minor collision that upset the sensor and the ABS module itself.

Any tips for the motor circuit? Is the ABS module something I can reliably scrap off of a junkyard car? Really would like to avoid spending $ at a mechanic's if possible. Thanks.
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So you’re saying it’s possible that the bad sensor could also be triggering the pump code by mistake?
Lets not say, until you post a code.

Does the Key Dance reveal ABS codes?
Would having the codes read at an auto parts store shed more light on the issue?
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