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I have read the forum on sliding door issues. So far I have installed a new wiring harness
And a new lock actuator. Now to forums credit I had a harness that was going to fail.
The lock actuator was bad show by trying to lock /unlock was not working. NOW
One problem still exist. When we press button to open sliding door.The lock would pop up
Then we hear loud clicking that is Until we pull door handle which release’s latch pin the door Begins to open. I am guessing that thier is a latch pin that is not releasing.
Now I spoke a Chrysler part man. He said that the lock actuator is also made to release
Latch pin. So I happen to purchase the Chrysler 07 wiring manual.because I want to add mirror cameras. So I hame been wandering if I might have a bad DOOR CONTORLLER.
Question is how to test or spend $$$$$$$$ for a new control box not knowing if it will
Resolve my issue.A help appreciated as the is my handicapped van I just don’t have $$$
To take it to dealer at $150 per hr thanks
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