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Bought 08 Caravan 2 years ago which only had 1 fob. Bought 2 replacement fobs online and had local locksmith program so I now have 3. 1 original, 2 aftermarket. All good and working. Day to day we use the aftermarket fob.

Last week my battery goes bad in van so I replace it. Van was without battery for probably an hour while I was working and swapping. New battery in and all working including keyless entry on all fobs

Couple days later keyless entry stops working on both aftermarket fobs. Original fob still works with keyless entry. Almost like it lost the 2 aftermarket fob programming?

All 3 fobs still start the van

Any ideas to get keyless entry working without going back to locksmith/dealer? (never go to dealer unless I absolutely have to as there is always a several week wait)
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