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My wife has a 10-yo Chevy Equinox that is around 55,000. MILES. Vehicle is in great shape. Has had all oil changes per schedule, and did have the Transmission Serviced with Fluid and Filter about 5 years ago. Starting to wonder about belts, hoses, and "permanent" Anti-freeze. Also, ride seems stiff compared to my T/C Van. Struts? Tires and TPMS were replaced last year. Maybe a brake fluid flush. Not sure if I am missing anything else or not. We might as well keep this thing. She loves it. Would be nice to get all the new TECH that comes on a 2020 vehicle, but we can wait a few years and keep those $$ in savings for now. Like to hear suggestions of critical items that I might have overlooked or should at least be checked.

Thanks, KC in the 2015 TC

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Take a look at the maintenance schedule for the vehicle (Owner Manual, not Dealer wish list) and to see which items should be serviced and when. Compare with past records and go from there.

Brake inspection/service may be warranted. Best done once a year, especially where roads are salted.
Fluids may need changing.
If battery is 5 to 6 years old, with lots of short trips, it may be time to look for a sale on batteries.
Replacing struts is not a cure all, many $ wasted on that item. OE struts should last a 200,000 miles or more. replacement quick struts don't usually meet expectations, poor quality multi vehicle springs.
You can change brake fluid in individual lines when replacing calipers.
Definitely recommend corrosion protection (soft, not hard shell) if driving in salty environments (Krown, Fluid Film, type products), including inside panels.
Make sure tires are properly aired up to prevent excessive edge wear.
Check drive belts for condition/age.
General lubrication - locks, hinges, etc, maybe ball joints and tie rod ends.
Check cv joints for leaks and condition of clamps.
Check engine, transmission and power steering? for leaks.
Check cooling system for leaks.
Do a basic safety check on from suspension - ball joints, tie rod ends, control arms, etc
Any alignment problems?.

All for now.

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