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I first noticed that I had lost reverse gear after driving for a while, so engine was hot. Then noticed after a few more miles that the van went into limp mode.

Had two shops scan it and both concluded that the solenoid pack was faulty. Changed that out and while the van no longer goes into limp mode even when hot, there is still a severe delay going into reverse once she heats up. She immediately goes into reverse when cold.

I had a used tranny installed about 18 months ago (and they supposedly changed the filter and pan gaskets at the time), but only put about 2,000 miles on it since. It was reported that the replacement tranny only had roughly 75K miles on it.

I've tried reading through some threads here with transmission problems, and supposedly reverse needs much more pressure than forward gears? (300lbs vs 58?)

I can't find any info on controlling tranny pressure on this particular van, but *did* see some youtube videos (**one linked below) on tranny pressure solenoids that are located just above the filter in the pan in different cars.

Is that the case with this transmission, and does anyone think that'll solve the reverse gear problem?

I know nothing about transmissions and don't want to spend any more money on this car if it seems like the whole transmission is shot again!

She also is leaking tranmission fluid from somewhere that I can't see just by getting her up on ramps and crawling under. I can only see the low point that it drips from. Is there some sort of vent above this point where a leak is possible? It only leaks like this when she's hot.

tranny leak circled.jpg

**youtube video-

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1. The leak is likely coming from the axle seals on the trans, they'll generally only leak when driving, once you stop the residual runs down and drips off the diff cover like you're seeing.

2. Find out what the shop used for fluid/filter. If it was anything but ATF+4 and a Mopar filter, your issue likely stems from having the wrong fluid in it. ANYTHING EXCEPT ATF+4 WILL DESTROY THESE TRANSMISSIONS, any shop that tells you otherwise walk away from because they have no idea what they're talking about.
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