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1999 3.3L ALternator removal

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I am new to this site so I apologize if the answer to my questions are in the archives. I was only able to find one rerference.
I need to replace the alternator on my '99 Grand caravan, 3.3L, V6. My Haynes manual ( unfortunately, my manual is for 84-93 vans) says to take it out from underneath but the one thread I found implied it could come out from the top. I would prefer the top because it is difficult to jack up this vehicle, it sits to low for my ramps and I am not sure where to place jack stands under the front. The top looks possible but there is a fuel line to the multi-port FI rails that is right in the way and I am not sure how to disconnect this. Can someone confirm that it can come out through the top and if so, what are the steps/tips/trouble areas?
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