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In a moment, getting a little gasoline in the next moment too much gasoline,
The same events happen if there would be air instead of gasoline.
Hard to accelerate from zero, you are thrown back and forth,
even with extreme caution, it is tricky.
It does not show any error codes.
Spark plugs, cables and ignition coils are new.
I am very puzzled.
Have tried to remove some sensors, vaccum, etc. , which does not matter
the engine to do, but no difference.
Anyone who has experience of this phenomenon?
2006 voyager, 87 000 miles.

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You have a four cylinder engine so if one cylinder were not firing or only partially firing, I imagine it might be described as "Cheeky"
I don't really know what that means, I guess I could google it but afraid something might be lost in the translation....

I did google "Chrysler 2.4L runs erratic" and found these top few listings.

Do any of these article's describe the fault you are experiencing?

Welcome to the forum Sweden. We have a few former Volvo drivers on here so you you should fit in just fine.... Welcome.
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