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2004 T&C 3.8L fuel injector wire harness

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Pro's, what is the place to get wire harness for 2004 T&C, 3,8L. I can find those for 2001-2003 but not for 2004. Or do I need to rebuild the existing wire harness?

I get P0306 along with P0300.

Thank you in advanced!
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Some additional information + update. I replaced cylinder #6 spark plug and spark all plug wires. After that car is running way much better and no codes so far. Cylinder #6 spark plug color wasn't optimal.

I have still cranking issue. I have to crank either long time to get engine started OR first crank quickly and do it again and engine will start immediately.

Any advice's are welcome.
Try turning your key to the run position (not cranking), leave it on for a couple of seconds, then off, back to on for a couple of seconds, then crank it. If it start right away, your fuel system is not holding fuel pressure.

Let us know.
First suspect would be the fuel pump.

You might have a good, strong fuel pump but, if the check valve is leaking, then you may loose fuel pressure when the ignition switch is not on the run position.

If that is the problem, you can get away by turning your ignition switch on/off a few times before crancking up.

End yes, you should hear the fuel pump running for a second or two each time after you turn the ignition switch to the run position.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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