The Good:
Runs and drives good.
Fairly well maintained mechanically with MANY new parts. Have receipts for many of them. Can provide details on request.
I wouldn't be afraid to jump in it and drive it across the country.
Inspected until end of Sept.
Stereo with Bluetooth and USB port
Decent interior for an old work van
Comes with a good set of winter tires on steel wheels
Little to no structural rust underneath
Has the C/V package with the plastic liner in the back and heavy duty rear springs with a 1500 lb (?) payload rating. Can fit 8 ft sheets in the back with the gate closed.
No BS power options to fail (a plus in my book, anyways).
Excellent heater.

The Bad:
Headliner material is loose and falling down
Paint is mostly junk, some dents, and the usual rust in the lower portions
Non-working A/C - pulley bearing in the compressor failed, so I just bypassed it with a shorter belt
Check Engine light occasionally comes on due to bad EGR valve. A new one is like $40 on Rockauto. It doesn't affect how it runs, and I just never got around to replacing it.
Has a Magnaflow glasspack muffler, so it's a little louder than stock would be. I have a new OE style muffler that you can have if you want it.

I hate to sell it in the first place, so if I can't get that out of it, I will just keep it.