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Hi everyone,
I've got a 2005 T&C with the power doors/liftgate option. When the temps outside are mild and above, the power liftgate works fine. When it starts to get near freezing and below, it acts up. What happens, is that the gate opens and you can see the arm over extend. When this happens, you can not close the gate manually, a evserything is binding up. If you then hit the power liftgate button, the motor starts and then stop, without closing, but it takes the tension off the arm. At that point, you can then either close the gate manually, or hit the liftgate button again and the gate closes normally.

What I'm wondering, is there a chance that the microswitch in the motor assembly is not actuating when it is cold, causing the motor to over extend? If not, where should I look? We have had the van for 2 years now and the problem started the first winter that we had it and went away when the temps warmed up.
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