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2006 Chrysler Town & Country LX 3.3L
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I see this issue all over the Internet and various posts here as well. However my situation varies slightly. My issue is I smelled a scent of what I thought was like burning insulation. With so much construction around, I kinda thought maybe that was something coming in through the vents. I went into grocery store for a few items and thought no more about it. On the way home I noted the engine temps climbing and had a check engine light come on. I got home popped the hood and could see fans weren't running. Opened the fuse box cover, checked and saw the #27 (40A radiator fan) fuse dead. Installed the spare and it went too!

I checked coolant, added just a little, then drove to the local parts store, acquired a couple more fuses (all they had) and had them run code reader, which they said came back with no codes (and they couldn't clear the check engine light because of no codes indicated). I got back home, did the "key dance" and got a 480 code (reader wouldn't show this?). Fans turn freely, see no obvious burnt wires (insulation), so I put on a new Radiator Fan Relay and cleared the light (crossed unhooked terminals). I put in new fuse and cranked it up.

Could see the fans running, then they turned off. Blown fuse again! So now I'm looking for the best direction to go from here? Suggestions? Please be detailed as I am a shade tree mechanic from the 70's... I'm not really an electronics guy... yet!
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