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2008 T&C headlights and mirror

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I bought a 08 T&C for my wife it did not have power mirrors or auto headlights is it possible to put these in thanks for any and all help
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Yes they are manual no power switch anywhere so I do need to add those glad the auto head lights will be easy thanks for your reply
How do you adjust the mirrors?

The power mirrors have the circular 4 button piece which you press to adjust the mirrors on the driver side master switch. You pick left or right and adjust each separately.

The power mirrors will have a door module they plug into, you may need programming to activate the function. The wiring for the switch may or may not be present in your van.
I have to adjust the mirrors by hand where the switch is on driver door has window up and down and lock unlock so iguess im stuck which sucks b/c me and my wife drive it and mirrors are know where in the same spot
I'm not entirely sure what you need to get power mirrors, most likely the switch, the mirrors themselves with the power function, and maybe the door modules as well.

Although it must be a very base model T&C because I have not seen any with manual mirrors, I also haven't been looking for them either.
Have the switch and the power mirrors but need the modules but not sure if it will work dont think i have the wiring for the modules might have to get creative
Okay last question for you but you have been helpful thanks a lot but I put the auto headlight switch in and the sensor found the plug it was not easy but nothing has change the lights still stay on all the time even in direct sunlight no I need to have it programmed or did I miss something my light switch does have the A on it all the way to the left thanks again
Okay I put the sensor in the proper hole took out the cap and dropped it in like in the pic above so it is in the correct spot I plug the harness in it the only plug in one way I have tried 2 different sensors maybe my light switch could be bad im not sure its raining now so ill try it tomorrow but the lights act like there is no sensor is plugged in all lights are on dash ,tail lights ect
No wiper were not on and I have the three climate control the driver passenger and rear and thanks for all your help and I got the sensor from a 2009 T n C. the climate controls I have notice it takes a while for the air to change from hot to cold or vise versa dont know if that means anything
Okay so flash light did not work I did get both of my sensors from a junk yard they both could have been bad maybe not sure what else to try thanks for all your help
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Not a problem at all thanks for your help the auto doors would be nice my wife would love that let me know how that goes I will be buying that program here soon
Okay my friend has a 2012 town and country and I tried my sensor in his van and it works his is a limited mine is a kc and a 08 but his senior connector has 4 wires mine only has 2 could that be my problem how many wires did you have
What obd2 reader do you use for your appcar
Okay I bought the obd2 and the appcar having trouble connecting the 2 my computer has Bluetooth built in
Okay I figured it out my question is now where would I go to try to make a key work for my car and thanks again for all your help
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okay bought the obd2 tool and app car installed and just as we thought the auto light sensor was turned off also did my daytime light set up will see if it works tomorrow so my question is where do go in app car to program a new key fob again thanks for all your help
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Yeah I’m not seeing any of that here is what I got
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I found it i had to download a the beta version and it programed both of my fobs its starting to come together now lust need to install the power mirrors auto lights working set up daytime running lights thanks for all your help
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The keys you just programmed, they were never programmed or were they used from another vehicle?
They were new from amazon or eBay can’t remember
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