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It appears my seatbelt in the driver's side 2nd row stow and go seat isn't functioning. I took the seat apart to check it out and after removing the bolt that held the retractor to the back seat frame it will not thread back in. The threads appear to be all banged up so my guess is they were put in like that from factory. Any idea on where I can get this particular flange bolt. I looked at a blow out diagram and spoke with a few Chrysler parts people and they are telling me I can only get the bolt with the back seat frame at a cost of $430? Just wondering if anyone knows the size of the bolt and if you are aware of any place I can get it after-market.

21 FRAME, Rear Seat Back, Left 68027675AA

Also, I might replace the seat belt retractor too so Im just wondering of anyone has the service manual with pages that cover the dismantling of the seat. I am not 100% certain how to pull the lower portion of the seatbelt from the side of the seat as it appears when the bolt holding it is removed that something else is holding it in place. Just don't know how much seat dismantling I need to do to make this happen.

9 SEAT BELT, Swivel Seat, Left 1EM331T1AA

Thanks in advance for any advise or assistance.


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