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2009 DC Electrical Isssues

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Hi Gentlemen,
So glad to find this forum :)

My 09 is suddenly having some bizarre electrical issues :(

I have 2 auxiliary plugs in the front, one is for when van is on, the other I guess is attached direct to battery and should work all the time I believe.

They both are not working. I checked the fuse on the first and there does not seem to be anything wrong. I even changed it and still nothing.

I have a third such plug for the middle seats and it works fine.

At the same time (not sure if connected issue) the left signal does not work while the lights are on, but works when the lights are off (?)
I have changed the bulb and nothing changes.

Any idea what is going on here? I would think some sort of short or shorts but just wondering if anyone has any idea where I could start.

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