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2009 T&C Touring Shifter Interlock Not Allowing Shifter Out Of Park

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After getting an urgent call from my wife telling me she was stranded because the shifter on our '09 T&C would not shift out of park I arrive & read about the interlock override release under the dash cover access hole. Well I try it & it will not release the shifter out of park either. Well were screwed now ! It is 4°F outside & disassembling the dash is not an option. I have the vehicle towed to my closest repair shop, once they get the dash apart they find the fine technicians from Eastgate CJD, Indpls had added extra ground wires to the shifter harness & had used unreliable "bullet" splice connectors on the brown with white stripe wire that must have been part of the shifter interlock solenoid circuit. One of these bullet connectors had seperated from its mating terminal.This wiring modification must have occurred during the WIN module recall replacement. Once this unreliable non-locking bullet splice was reconnected the shifter now worked fine ! For those of you who have a jammed shifter AND you have had the WIN module (ignition switch) replaced during the recall please be aware of this.
The repairing tech also found the interlock override release button failed due a lever on this button had moved somehow to the wrong side of the plastic pin it was designed to push against. A bad design that an additional 1¢ of plastic would have prevented a tow in.
An inch of electrical tape around the cheap bullet connector splice would have prevented this too.
Time to submit my claim to the dealership service manager. This kind of crap work is inexcusable !

singalls :angry:
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Correction. This wire I found disconnected from the shifter harness is one of the white wires coming off the 4 pin "valet" plug connector bolted to the bottom edge of the knee panel trim right next to the OBDII diagnostic connector.
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