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2009 Town and Country no A/C

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I have a 2009 Town and Country and the A/C clutch will not engage. I have checked the system and it is full with no leaks. Also there is battery voltage at the connector, I have noticed that the voltage is there all the time even with the vehicle off. Additionally the blower motor seems to make a clucking noise for a few seconds when its first started sometimes and I have also herd the noise while the vehicle is off. Thanks in advance for the help.
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welcome to the forum , there's a lot of people on this site with tons of knowledge on A/C systems , unfortunately I'm not one of them but I'm sure one of them will help.
Thanks, I hope so because I am stuck on this.
Update: So worked I used a power supply to activate the clutch and it worked fine. found the clutch resistance and amp draw was inline with the specification. When I hooked up a millimeter inline with the circuit I found that there is voltage but no amperage. The resistance of the ground circuit has low resistance. I leaning towards the TIPM be at fault as of right now. Any thoughts?
Does anyone have a connector pin out for the TIPM?
Does anyone have a connector pin out for the TIPM?
Probably not exactly what you are looking for but, go here:, select your year and platform (RT) and click the "Find Now" button, then in the "Filter these results" box enter:


When you click on one of the results you will see and image of the TIPM connector as well as the pin numbers, wire gauge and color, and the function.

You can also access free wiring diagrams, see this sticky for details: free electrical diagrams
thank you that is was I was looking for. Do you know if the clutch control from the BCP to the TIPM is a ground or a voltage. If so what is the voltage?
Don't forget that the PCM is looking at multiple things before it engages the clutch. Low pressure switch, high pressure switch, outside ambient air temperature, etc....

Have you verified that all sensor inputs are functioning properly? A switch or sensor is much less expensive than the TIPM. The TIPM is pretty much a glorified fuse box and pretty costly....
I haven't forgot about that, one of the first things I have checked. Thank you for your insight though. And the BCM is commanding the clutch to run.
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