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2009 Town and Country no A/C

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I have a 2009 Town and Country and the A/C clutch will not engage. I have checked the system and it is full with no leaks. Also there is battery voltage at the connector, I have noticed that the voltage is there all the time even with the vehicle off. Additionally the blower motor seems to make a clucking noise for a few seconds when its first started sometimes and I have also herd the noise while the vehicle is off. Thanks in advance for the help.
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Thanks, I hope so because I am stuck on this.
Update: So worked I used a power supply to activate the clutch and it worked fine. found the clutch resistance and amp draw was inline with the specification. When I hooked up a millimeter inline with the circuit I found that there is voltage but no amperage. The resistance of the ground circuit has low resistance. I leaning towards the TIPM be at fault as of right now. Any thoughts?
Does anyone have a connector pin out for the TIPM?
thank you that is was I was looking for. Do you know if the clutch control from the BCP to the TIPM is a ground or a voltage. If so what is the voltage?
I haven't forgot about that, one of the first things I have checked. Thank you for your insight though. And the BCM is commanding the clutch to run.
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