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2011 Grand Caravan Power Sliding Door Problems

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Dear Forum,

Newbie here, but longtime Chrysler minivan user and owner. Purchased a new 2011 in October. Grand Caravan with full power. My question/problem is about the doors.

The driver's side power sliding door started making noise in December or January. Maybe it always did, but that's when we noticed it. It even seemed slow or straining at times to close the door.

We tried to get into the dealer in Feb/March, but didn't until May. Dealer said it was fine. I couldn't believe it, so I went out and checked it again.

The door is considerably slower than the passenger side one. Also, it looks like it is out of alignment...perhaps sticking out too much from the body. Not flush, like the other side. I also hear some wind noise at highway speed.

So I bring this up to the service "manager" who says it's not their policy to fix something until it's broken. He defines broken as either a CODE or part failure. Neither one has happened thus far. But, the motor is clearly straining and sounding like it's grinding or groaning compared to the passenger side.

So, questions...

Is the door supposed to be flush with the body? I say yes, with some tolerance for minor differences. Mine appears to be 2 mm or more.

Should both doors open/close at about the same speed?

Has anyone else had this experience?

Thanks in advance. I hope to be able to reciprocate to you all.

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I'd say so.

Do you have any other dealers in the area?
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