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Just bought a 2012 T&C with 30K miles (former Chrysler executive car so in like new condition, always serviced at dealer with no suspension part changes since put in service). Came from a '03 T&C which had a bad front end crunching sound but only intermittently when in cold weather (when both tires went over a speed bump evenly for example). The '03 still did this even with new shocks/springs/suspension mounting rubber & new sway bar links.

So... just curious what would cause an occasional similar (but to a lesser degree) crunching noise on this 2012 which obviously has a totally different chassis and front end suspension than the '03?

Searched 5th gen forum and didn't find any posts on this like we use to deal with in the 4th gen.

Anyone else having this occur?


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Cold weather noises maybe? Suspension becomes stiffer and noisier.

Consider the movement at the sway bar bushings when you hit a speed bump. The strut moves up, so does the sway bar link connection to the strut, the link itself moves up as does the end of the sway bar it's attached to. Hence upward rotation at the sway bar bushing, both sides. If the bushing is grabbing the sway bar properly, it will resist and grunt a bit maybe. If it is not grabbing the sway bar properly, there be some looseness in the system, hence a bump.

Add to that a situation where one wheel hits a bump and the other doesn't. Now the sway bar is being torqued differently and another set of conditions come into play.

Add to that a turn (change in direction) at the same time. The strut actually turns, so the upper link connection turns with the strut, that in turn pulls up and in or out on the connection to the sway bar and introduces another set of conditions.

Poor old sway bar bushing doesn't know what to do and grunts. :)

I would guess your sway bar bushings need to be tightened or you have noisy struts or jounce bumpers, maybe even the strut mount at the top. The again, control arm bushings don't like the cold either.

What would I do?
- spray some Fluid Film over the sway bar links, connections and bushings to see if that makes any difference
- spray some Fluid Film in the strut areas that are accessible to see if that makes any difference
- spray some Fluid Film in the control armbushing area to see if that makes any difference

All at different times to try to isolate the source. Record the weather conditions and any other information that may be relevant to the noise i.e. coldness, wetness, turning, speed bumps (both wheels), speed bump (one wheel).

Jounce bumpers:;1224;548
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