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2014 Chrysler Town and Country Touring-L

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I have a 2014 Town and Country Touring-L with 43,xxxx miles. About 6-8 weeks ago I hit some debris, a plastic garbage bag, in the road and took out the front driver's side ABS sensor, ABS light came on cruise would not engage. Husband replaced the senor with a Car Quest part. Since this has been replace, I have issues with the van starting, specifically in the morning or after several hours in the day (arrive at work leave work this also occurs). I'll get in press the brake hit the run/start button and I hear click, sounds like it is coming from the right of the steering wheel or possibly the brake pedal. The brake pedal will also become stiff and I can't compress it like I should be able to. Eventually after cycling through the run/acc/off a few times it will start (takes about 10-20 secs). I have changed the batteries in both key fobs. We have found three codes B12C-13 (Can bus code ??), U0241 (lost communication with headlamp) and U0121 (ABS communication code). I have tried disconnecting the battery for several hours and overnight. This would kick the can down the road for about a week. Last night I let it sit with the batter disconnected for several hours and got in it the morning and same issue, would not start without going through the above mentioned procedure.

I really feel this issue is related to the replacement of the ABS sensor as I never had a problem prior to this. I am trying to avoid taking it to a shop for now. I do have a factory mopar abs sensor on order, but it is not scheduled to arrive until early-mid Oct. I have heard Mopar is finnicky about non Mopar parts.

Any light you can shed on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
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Absolutely zero chance the sensor is causing this. Look for more damage from the debris.
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