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2014 T&C airbag light

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B1C2B-13 Right Side Seat Thorax Squib 1 Circuit Low: Circuit Open

I have narrowed this down. When I wiggle this connector (yellow one first photo) at the back of the front passenger seat, I can get the light to go on and off. I have checked the contacts and they look fine. I think the issue is an intermittent connection either within the connector or in the wires leading into it. I want to replace the wiring harnesses on both sides of the connector. I am stuck on how to disconnect the connector from the top of the airbag unit on the outside of the seat (second photo). I don’t want to force it and break the airbag unit. Any tips on how to get this loose?
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The orange tab needs to be pulled up and then the connector should wiggle free. The orange piece is a lock tab. It should only raise a little bit, don't try to pull it all the way out.
Thanks Seinele. Do I pull up the front or the back of the orange tab?
Either should work. Go for the center inline with the connector, the arms that work it are on the sides. Small flathead screwdrivers are the best thing to do it with.
Thanks Sienile. I found this photo that shows how the orange tab pops up. Now my challenge is finding where to buy the 2 harnesses. My Internet search hasn’t yielded anything. Some close hits on eBay but not the same part. The part number for one of the harnesses is d3cs-51630. I don’t have the other harness part number yet. Are airbag parts typically a dealer item?
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Yeah, no one really messes with airbags in the aftermarket. Used parts dealers don't like to mess with them much either. Dealer, a U-Pull-It, Pick-A-Part, Pull-A-Part type junkyard; or a repair are probably your only options.

Since you have it off now, you can take the harness to a shop and see if you can get it repaired. Automotive shops are your best bet, but electronics or appliance repair shops might also be willing to do it. For a proper repair it will need to be soldered and heatshrinked. Make sure that's what they will do. Butt connectors and wire crimps are unacceptable for airbag wiring repairs.
That’s great info thank you Sienile. I will let you know how this turns out.
I found the wiring harness at a local salvage yard. Replaced Saturday and no airbag light until today. I am out of town but when I get back home will check the code. If the same as before next I will replace the front passenger airbag (van at salvage yard has that available). The salvage yard said they are required to test the airbag first. Any suggestions/tips/tricks?
I don't know of any way to test an airbag other than actually discharging it... which makes it unusable.
So I got home and pulled the airbag code. It was complaining about the left (not right) front seat squib 1 circuit: B1C27-13 “Left Side Seat Thorax Squib 1 Circuit Low: Circuit Open”. This is the first time this code has been logged. I inspected and tugged on the wiring under the driver seat without seeing any outward damage. During this the light went out and has stayed off for a few hours. If I get the code again I will replace the wiring harnesses on the driver side like I did on the passenger side. It seems odd to me that I get the same code for the driver seat right after fixing (I hope) the passenger seat. Coincidence ? Or is something more fundamental/central going bad?
Driver's seat gets more use, so wouldn't be surprising for it to have the same or greater wear as the passenger.
I just had this exact same issue on my 2014. Same code and everything. Popped up about 2 weeks after the OP posted. As a FYI, "This DTC sets when the ORC detects an open on the squib circuit for more than 2.5 seconds."

In my case, 1 of 3 things has fixed it for 3 days so far:
  • Removing the negative cable from the battery
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the yellow harness in the first photo
  • Tucking the wires back up into the seat. In my case, I looked at the driver's side seat and noticed everything was bundled together under it, whereas on the passenger side there were a few different wires hanging down.
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So far so good on my van. No airbag lights since replacing the harnesses on the front passenger seat and wiggling the front driver seat harness. Thanks for your help Sienile!
I have this issue intermittently (verified with OBD II tool with SRS capability) . It used to cycle weekly or so. Now it cycles on/off multiple times while driving.
About 1 year ago, I pulled the seat and checked looked for visible damage, disconnected the wires and checked for continuity, and found nothing. I put it all back together and used some dielectric grease in the connections. I did this for the portion in the seat back, and under the seat as well.
With this recurring error, I want to replace the harness and connectors, either with a new harness, or by building a new one. I am having trouble finding the part, this is the closest I have found, but unsure if it is correct Jumper Wiring 68531687AA | Mopar Estores
I am having trouble finding a salvage yard in San Diego area that has a Chrysler/Dodge van that I can pull the harness from. Any leads in San Diego area for harness rebuild or for a salvage yard would be greatly appreciated.
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