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I hope this information helps others with similar problems!

I am an owner of a 2015 Ram 1500 Big Horn pickup with a V6 Pentastar engine. I purchased it new and now have about 109,000 miles when I started to experience engine problems. I put approximately 150 highway miles per day and I religiously change my own oil regularly every 6-8,000 miles using full synthetic oil.

Summarized below are the problems I’ve experienced with my truck and the work done in an attempt to address them.

Tuesday April 17, 2018: Truck’s Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) on the driver instrument display turned on suggesting a potential engine failure. It was brought into a Ram dealership service department the following day in need of new spark plugs as per my request, and to address the MIL that turned on during the evening of April 17. Was told that it does need new spark plugs and that the cause of the MIL is due to a cylinder 2 misfire (P0302) because of a “pinhole” in cylinder 2 ignition coil. Spark plugs were replaced along with one ignition coil at the cost of $532.54.

Saturday April 21st: The MIL came back on in the early morning with the same cylinder 2 misfiring (P0302). Also noticed while driving that there were irregular temperature spikes on the dashboard gauge and more than normal whitish exhaust fumes emitting from the tailpipe. At that time, I immediately pulled over and turned the engine off for a few minutes. I was not in a safe enough location to remain there, so the truck restarted and drove a few miles to a safe parking lot where it remained until it was towed back to the service department that evening.

Monday April 23rd: Received a voice message from a service department employee stating that the cause of the MIL cylinder 2 misfiring (P0302) is due a couple of rocker arms (valve arms) that appear to be sticking on the left bank side of the motor and a few others that aren’t the best in responsiveness so he recommended to replace all 12 on that side. The work was completed at a cost of $999.95 and it was picked up on Wednesday April 25th. Upon leaving the dealership and driving home less than 5 miles, the MIL came back on. The service manager was immediately contacted and I was instructed to return the truck and that a loaner vehicle will be provided until the cause is resolved.

Thursday April 26th: Manager called and said he will be contacting Chrysler because there appears to be a history of damage on “the left bank cylinder 2 head”. He finished by saying the parts would need to be ordered along with the repair service which would take approximately 3-4 days.

Thursday May 10th: After 15 days in the shop, manager called and said truck was repaired and ready. The following morning while driving less than 2 miles, the truck was not idling correctly and failed to recognize being in ‘Drive’ twice when at a full stop. An alert message appeared on the dash - “Shift to P then Desired Gear.” Shortly afterwards, the MIL turned on again. The manager was immediately contacted and the truck was returned to service department and I was given another loaner.

Monday May 14th: Received a voice message stating that the tech will be replacing cam phasers that are out of sink with two (2) new ones. He continued by saying that the parts should be there by tomorrow and after installing, they will put a ‘considerable amount of miles’ test driving it before calling me for pickup.

Wednesday May 16th: Received a voice message stating that the truck was repaired and is ready.

As of today and with approx. 1500 additional miles, I can peacefully say I that the truck is running smooth and without far.

Here are my questions:
1) How could an authorized Ram dealer/service department initially misdiagnose the problem and take so long to correct it even with a known (internal) issue on V6 engines?

2) Shouldn’t I be reimbursed for the cost of the initial work that obviously did not fix the cause of the problem?

3) Why is Chrysler not recognising V6 pentastar engines on later models as per mentioned in this link ( when clearly it’s occurring?

4) Should I be concerned with any unforeseen engine problems to come with this model?

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I'd say they owe you a refund for ineffective parts and a months truck payment.
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