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2015 Town and Country - Window Regulator Replacement

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Hi Everyone,
I thought I might share with you this Repair on a common problem with T&Cs and Caravans. Here is a link to a video on replacing a front window regulator. Enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions. My Twitter handle is @THEBUSHMEISTERR
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I had to do this repair this past Saturday on my wife's 2015. When removed the motor, I could see the cables from the regulator pushing through the hole, so it quit in a pretty spectacular fashion.



This video was helpful along with this one that shows the latch connections, which for me where the hardest part due to their location in the door. Everything else was pretty simple and straightforward.

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Hello all, my question is this. Is there any difference between front rotors 330mm and 302mm in 2015 Chrysler town and country limited or which one is the right fit to put in? thx.
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