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Need some help with a 2016 Chrysler T&C I just purchased with 88K miles on it. We recently noticed that when accelerating and the car is shifting from 3rd to 4th gear there is flare of about 500 rpm. If it is accelerating on a hill, the 3rd to 4th gear change will sometimes be a shudder. There are no codes.

The shop I took it to changed the filter and ATF+4 fluid. They also reset the shift parameters. This still didn't fix the issue so the mechanic put in 2 oz. of Shudder Guard which did not make a difference.

In looking at this forum I've read some topics with similar issues that were solved by a re-flash of the transmission. And I have an appointment with Chrysler to do this. I also have an appointment with a transmission shop to have the transmission inspected.

My guess is torque convertor or solenoid...
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