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If being used, ECON mode is questionable as to benefit or fraud (greenwashing/more wear and tear on the transmission/fluid). Leave it off to be sure of normal wear and tear on your transmission/fluid. It's a variable you don't need when the transmission starts acting up.

If using ECON mode, my advice is to consider your transmission is operating under "severe service conditions". Change fluid and filter accordingly.

Consumer Reports has done some testing re benefits of using ECON mode (none basically):
In past testing, we found no fuel economy benefit using Eco mode for city driving. That proved to be the case again in our more recent tests.
We measure highway fuel economy during steady cruising at 65 mph. This is an idealized driving scenario, with the transmission in its tallest gear, known as an overdrive for having a ratio of less than 1:1. We run this test in two directions to account for any potential impact of wind and terrain.
In this evaluation, Eco mode had no measured benefit. And that isn’t surprising: Acceleration and gear selection aren’t factors when holding a consistent speed on level ground.
That's the way I see it. :) To each his/her own. Forget ECON mode unless you want to play around. Your choice. Been there, done that.
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