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Sometime around 2016 or possible before, I bought a nice one owner 92 Grand Caravan at a public auction with 43,xxx on it. I think in 2018 I did the power brake conversion on it to get rid of the failing ABS system on it. I went to the dealer about the recall, but their response was they would only buy the vehicle back for some low number since it was a 92.
I never figured out where to plug the wire from the proportioning valve back into the wiring harness.

I had done the swap previously on a 93 GV but had forgotten where to put the wire. I know it was simple and thought I could figure it out.But never did. The man , John Baughman from Baughman's junk yard and race car driver has since died before I could remember to ask him about it.

So does anyone on here know where it might go ?? I had found a 2 wire pin for the old abs system and thought that might have been the place but when I put wires to it the light stayed on.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help out on this matter

thanks Eric J
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