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Hoping to get some front-end work done on my '92 Voyager before winter rolls around. Got a front driveshaft that tore its boot for the second time, and now it's doing the old clickity-clack on sharp turns. Struts and some of the bushings could use a refresh too, if I'm getting in there and spending money.

I also have a brake rotor that's getting kinda thin. I have a pretty good junkyard rotor in the garage that would be good to go with just a quick touch to take the rust off, but I'm also tossing around the idea of doing a larger-scale front brake overhaul if everything's already getting pulled apart. The calipers could stand to be rebuilt/replaced (big chunk missing out of one of the pistons where someone apparently forced it back on over the pad), lines are probably not in great shape, and I really wouldn't mind having some upgraded rotors & pads to give me a little more stopping authority in wet conditions or when towing my trailer.

I remember at one point EBC (at least I think it was EBC) had a brake kit with a slotted rotor & Yellow Stuff pads that fit 2nd-gen vans, but I went to go look for it again the other day and didn't see it on their website. Though they did redesign their website since I was there last, so maybe I just got lost. Anyone know if that kit's still kicking around somewhere, or if there are any other brake upgrade options for these vans?

For the record, my van has the bigger brake package that comes with ABS & the 15" wheels. The core ABS unit has been replaced with a non-ABS booster & master cylinder, but the stuff at the wheels is unchanged.
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