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They are very one-sided and write in a way that their opinion isn't open to argument. Big grocery is a problem, as noted by the fact food prices have not come down with oil prices and corn prices.

They are correct in that E85 is not viable with cheap oil, as all alternative energy is less attractive with cheap oil. Conservation takes a hit when energy is cheap and the economy is bad. Ethanol helped keep oil from going higher than it did (about $0.50 per gallon saved). I will admit that I mainly use it in my pickup, as I drive by the pump daily, whereas it is a special trip to fill up the van. It paid in the summer when gas was above $2.50, but not now at $1.50. A new pump opened up 1.5 miles North of my house, so I will be using it in the van now as well. So, I can see why the folks in Indiana want to switch back. If you all have questions about the efficiency, I will post my fuel mileage charts that have 1.5 years of E85 and E10 comparisons. It is a wash on a per mile basis.


They are a tariff on imported ethanol, as well as a tax reduction for the oil companies for blending purposes. Not a dime goes to the ethanol industry other than the deals worked out by states and municipalities to bring in the plant for jobs.

These folks are single minded, so take it all with a grain of salt.
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