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Hi All,

I've been a silent member for awhile now as I haven't had anything to contribute. Now I'd like to share my current experience with Mopar Tech Authority.

I leased a 2012 T&C and then a 2015 which I now own. (I might have leased a 2018 instead if there was such a thing).

So I decided even though it's expensive it would be worthwhile to have the factory service information and wiring diagrams. So I took the bitter pill and ordered the USB combo from Today I received one little credit-card-sized USB fold-out drive with the service information and another with the wiring diagrams.

Well, the service information USB drive doesn't even work! I tried it in two different Windows 7 PC's, and it just plain doesn't work. The wiring diagram USB works perfectly in both computers, so I know it's not my PC's.

So I called the 800 number on the card and spoke with a tech support rep. She was cordial enough, but the bottom line is, she put me on hold for 5 minutes only to come back and tell me that "since my order was over $60, the situation has to be escalated to the help desk. They'll get back with you in about 2 business days."

Are you kidding me? Is this the first time in history a USB drive has gone bad? You can't just send me another one plus a return label and I'll send the bad one back? Nope. I asked if she could at least give me a couple days worth of access to the information online until this gets resolved. Nope.

I understand they're probably terrified of people trying to scam extra copies of their shop manuals or whatever. But they can't send me, who bought one of their $36000 vehicles, another 15 cents (list price) worth of plastic and silicon without a grand jury hearing???

This stinks. At least when shop manuals were printed and bound, you had something. (And for the $16 they charged me for ground shipping, they could have sent paper manuals!) Now, even if they eventually send me a USB drive that works, I'll have to wonder if it's still going to work when I need it.

I also found out from the tech rep that there is NO WARRANTY on these things. Just FYI...

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Have you contacted Chrysler Cares?
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