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Gday folks,

I've got a 1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE with the infamous Bendix 10 ABS system on it, and I'm very suspect of it being the issue with my brakes. I recently took it on a mildly bumpy unpaved road, hit some small potholes etc. away camping for a couple nights, and after returning to sealed roads I noticed the brakes seem to feel as though they don't properly grip under medium to hard braking, which is also felt in the peddle where it just "drops" away from my foot. Just coasting lightly on the brakes is fine though. I haven't got any fluid leaks nor have I opened up any hydraulic lines, and the pedal doesn't have that "spongy" feeling as though there is air in the lines. Good amount of life left in the pads and the caliper pistons/sliders seem to working as they should. Inner side of the rotors are a tad low but still within tolerances.
Called up the local Chrysler and my ABS pump was replaced under warranty in 2001 - 19 years ago.

Anyone had a similar issue with their van and it was related to the ABS system?

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