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On My 2003 dodge grand caravan I've been having problems with the blower motor for a few years. Changed the resistor multiple times and motor at least 3 times. Now it went out again. I changed the motor and resistor again. This time it did not work. Any ideas?

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Not even on high speed?

Check for power wherever you can.

Resistor or module? Automatic temperature control?

Cabin filter as mentioned by Baron? Backup of trash to motor.

Give the motor a couple of good taps with a rubber hammer to jar it into operation (might work, if motor is bad).

Over what time periods have you been replacing these parts?

What's the quality of the parts? new? used? cheapest?.

All those replacements are not normal. Did you check any of them out when you removed them? The motor(s) you replaced, did you bench test it?

Mice in the system? They can get to the motor cage.

Any other electrical problems?
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