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Couple of points for thought:

This happens alot on many cars, very common with pistons pushing only on one side of the rotor - many will be invisible until looking under the car at the rotor 9and that side is covered by the dust shield..

All things have to move freely to prevent this from happening. Pads in the caliper, caliper on the pins, piston in the caliper. No matter what you do (or how good your service), you may not have control- if debris or rust gets into those components, it will happen again.

Because of the balance aspect of brakes - they are best to do in pairs, either the fronts together or the rears.
Irregular wear pattern, does not mean they don't work-- obviously the brakes work. There is no rush or emergency, unless the pads are down to limits. You have the option of waiting until you really have to service the brakes, and do them as a pair, or all 4 at that point. If the pads are still plenty, I wait until it's time.

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