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Brake Squeak Advice

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Hi All,

My front brakes have been making a squeak noise when stopping at slow speeds. I have taken the brakes apart, cleaned everything, greased the guides and the back of the pads.

The damn squeak is still there. Any ideas?
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The back of the pads should not be lubricated!
grease is only for the moving parts

CRC disk brake quiet is what to apply on the back of the pads to quiet them


Also, check to make sure that the pads are not glazed (shiny)
you can roughen them up with a little sandpaper
The back of the pads should not be lubricated!
Well, the new pads I just installed in a 2014 came with thick silicone lube to be applied to the back of the pads - and the pad tabs. If you let your video play out (above) and move to the next, he suggests hi-temp silicone lube for the pad backs.

Clearly, there is some difference of opinion. If I had to guess, it's for vibration damping and help prevent rust jacking.

Still, I'd rough up the rotors and pads with a random-orbit sander and chamfer the pad edges.

I will have to disagree with you. No lube, or lubricant belongs on the back of brake pads.
In the video you mentioned above, the guy is using black RTV silicone (not a lube, and also not intended for brakes)
CRC Disk brake quiet, or Permatex Disc Brake Quiet should be used on the back of the pads

This shows the proper use of the Permatex brake products:
I don't believe applying any kind of lube to the back of the brake pad will cause any problems with the brake pad itself, however, if that lube finds it's way to the caliper piston seals, then that seal may swollen and froze that piston causing that wheel to overheat.
The only lube that I am aware of for pads is the ATE/BMW Plastilube anti-squeal assembly lube that some BMW's recommend on the back of the brake pads.
However, for the minivans, this is not standard procedure. The packet included with most brake pads is for lubricating the guide-pins, not for smearing on the back of the brake pads.
I just want to make this clear.
Sorry all....

To clarify, I used a high temp synthetic Permatex brake lubricant which is specifically for pad sliders and the back of the pads. I didn't use traditional grease.

This stuff doesn't cause any swelling in the rubber or seals.
Are you sure it's coming from the front? Last year I had a similar issue, and it sounded like it was coming from the front. Eventually, I found out that it was actually coming from the back. When I replaced the pads and cleaned up the back, the squeak went away. May be a long shot though...
I used Adaptive One pads (napa) - and the lube pack included directions for applying to the pad backing.
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