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That rust was just cosmetic.:) Certainly shows that washing the underbody during winter salt season isn't going to help inside of panels. In fact, the underbody of a vehicle tends to stand up pretty good on its own.

Take a look here:

Fluid Film has been around the longest and is well known in US and Canada. Woolwax is a similar product.
Fluid Film is usually done by independent shops, not necessarily licensed applicators, locally here.

Krown, Rust Check, Corrosion Free, Rustblock and Rust Cure are well known in Canada. They stay soft (creep, penetrate, repel moisture, arrest rust, lubricate). Yearly, or 18 month applications.

Krown has a good reputation and seems well organized as to application. I use them when I'm not doing the application myself.

Electronic systems don't work.

Products that harden or provide a rubberized coating are doubtful. They tend to crack and to trap moisture.
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